Yavneh Youth

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Philosophy and Goals

The Yavneh Youth Program believes that children are an integral part of our community and is committed to providing a Torah environment that will enable the Jewish children who live in the Seattle community the opportunity to grow emotionally, spiritually and religiously and to develop into productive members of the greater Jewish community.

Helping Children Feel Loved and Comfortable

BCMH values the children in our synagogue and encourages its members to bring their children to services. It recognizes that children and their parents come from different observance levels and educational backgrounds. The Synagogue wants to create an environment that is welcoming to every Jewish child, one that is warm, nurturing, fun, meaningful, and  to increase their knowledge of Torah and mitzvos. It is BCMH’s aim to maintain a relationship with each child so that he or she knows that BCMH is a place where he or she will always be welcomed and appreciated.

Building Jewish Pride

The Yavneh Program works to instill in its children a sense of pride in their people, religion and the Land of Israel. We strive to give them a spirit of religious observance accompanied with knowledgeable conviction to actively participate in Orthodox Jewish life and assume necessary roles in the Jewish community.

Forging A Life Long Connection With The Jewish People

BCMH believes that empowering children to participate in synagogue services and its rituals will enable them to develop the skills and confidence to comfortably participate in Jewish communal life as adults and thereby learn to cherish involvement in Judaism throughout their lives. BCMH encourages children to develop lasting friendships with other Orthodox children and to provide young children with role models in older youth, and to give older youth an opportunity to act as role models for younger children.

Shabbos and Holiday Youth Groups meet on Shabbos in the Yavneh Building and are free and open to Jewish children of all ages.

Approx. 9:30 am: Yavneh Katan (Ages 3& 1/2/-Kindergarden Yavneh Rm 3 from taking out the Torah–Mussaf Kedusha

Approx. 9:30 am: Yavneh Group (Grades K-2) Yavneh Rm 4 from taking out the Torah – Mussaf Kedusha

Approx. 9:30 am: Jr. Minyan, Yavneh Building Beis Midrash from taking out the Torah – Mussaf Kedusha

Children are brought onto the Bima following chazarat ha-shatz to lead the end of davening

10:00 am: Torah Tots+Mommy & Me infants up to 11/2 yr. olds in Torah Tots room in Social Hall

The Yavneh Youth Program also offers Sunday programs and outings for all ages and works in partnership with NCSY in offering Weekday programs such as Teen Lounge and shabbatons for Middle School and High School Students