Rabbinic Leadership

Rabbi Yaakov Tanenbaum is the Rabbi of Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath of Seattle, Washington. Most recently, he was a senior member of Kollel Toronto, one of the most prestigious kollels in North America. Rabbi Tanenbaum had been learning at the kollel for the past 10 years before arriving in Seattle, and received rabbinical ordination from Rav Shlomo Miller (the head of Kollel Toronto and one of our generation’s leading poskim) and Rav Reuven Silver (the former Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel Toronto). Rabbi Tanenbaum is proficient in many areas of halacha and is involved in psak halacha and discussions in areas such as Niddah (ma’aros), Shabbos, Kashrus, Eruvin, as well as a range of additional different topics.

Rabbi Tanenbaum is a sought-after speaker, and a certified choson rebbe and shalom bayis coach, spending time advising younger newlyweds and singles with marriage issues and personal struggles.

Rabbi Tanenbaum grew up in Savannah, Georgia, a community known for its Southern hospitality and inclusion of a broad spectrum of Jews. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in Political Science and an MBA in Finance and International Marketing. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Jerusalem where he dedicated a year to researching the effect of a lack of a constitution on Israel’s democracy. He continued his residency in Eretz Yisroel learning in yeshivos, including Mirrer Yeshiva of Jerusalem. He married his wife, Aliza, in 2005 and moved to Toronto. After accepting their position at BCMH, Rabbi Tanenbaum and his family moved to Seattle where they currently reside with their four children. Rabbi Tanenbaum is known for his warmth and love of Torah and Judaism and looks forward to continue teaching and sharing his passion with others.